Saturday, September 21, 2013

Are You a 'Sensitive' ?

They are termed 'sensitives' - people that feel to the depth that the 'norm' doesn't.  They tend to be pathologized by others for their depth of feeling and also tend to pathologize themselves for it as feeling deeply is not acceptable in our society.  They have difficulty being around crowds, injustice, violence, and loud sensory stimulation.  They feel the collective energy deep in their souls.  They are deeply empathic.  I am a sensitive.  Are you?
The title of the link claims that we are 'too' sensitive.  I disagree with this.  Our world is not sensitive enough.  Maybe that is why the state of the world is in chaos and disarray.  Maybe if more of us 'sensitives' set the tone for the world, it would be a more peaceful place where art and beauty are valued more than they presently are.


  1. Thanks for defining the word sensitive.

  2. What often we fail to acknowledge is that sensitivity is the greatest power spiritually AND practically. Without sensitivity we accomplish "great" things, and then find, oops, we've destroyed the environment in doing so, and now we are worse off! Sensitivity is the power of "with". It is literally the power of oneness, the power of what some call God or Cosmos, the One. There is no higher.

    Yet we look at the ways that divided thinking can be used to harm others, and we deem that attribute somehow more powerful. We, as sensitives (I am one too), need to cultivate a knowing that through all the storms and apparent triumphs of division, it is connection that emerges ALWAYS supreme. It does require courage and not simply sensitivity to make its way into the world, but sensitivity, my friend, is the mother of true power. That is why the feminine is currently ascendent. We are ready for it, and it comes for us with fierce sensitivity.

  3. So true Zeus. One vulnerability that 'sensitives' need to cultivate as I have had to learn myself, is how to feel safe in this world. There are ways to develop that skill and strategy. Once a sensitive can acknowledge who they are and feel safe in their skin, they can accomplish great things in this world through their Feminine energy. Naming this is a great first step, and supporting and validating others is another. When being a 'sensitive' is normalized and not pathologized, it will be seen as a strength and not a weakness. Thank you for your comment and for all that you are doing as a self actualized sensitive to make the world a conscious and more loving place.